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6 July

“ The way to home” Chapter 5 – Soulinunity Road trip 2018

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Tavira – Portugal Not even a few hours drive away and we cross the border of  Spain to Portugal ! We feel the difference instantly ! The buildings and nature the people the culture, the food the friendliness of the people. We love the nature in Portugal and the friendly energy of the local people. […]


  • Irina – Luxembourg – Soul Awakening Retreat, Goa

    I absolutely loved Yamuna and Marco! I never met them before the retreat, and they have done everything in their power to make my travelling to India, and to their retreat as smooth as possible. Always staying in touch untill we met there!
    My experience with them has exceeded all expectations! They are very professional and knowledgeable teachers but most importantly full of love, life, light and good energy!

    They combine different techniques to make your experience unforgettable and for you to deeply connect with yourself!
    In our chakra balancing retreat, we have done, besides yoga, energy work, chi gong, dance, meditation, acro-yoga and visualisations!

    I highly recommend and will come back!
    - Irina – Luxembourg – Soul Awakening Retreat, Goa
  • Cristina – Spain – Soul Awakening Retreat, Goa
    Es difícil poner palabras a todas las emociones que he sentido en ese bonito viaje de siete días a través de los chakras con Marco y Yam. El retiro de yoga fue precioso, emotivo, íntimo y también muy divertido. Las secuencias de yoga, la música, el Qi Gong, los mantras, los juegos, las improvisaciones… hemos jugado infinitamente con el cuerpo, la voz, la respiración y las emociones hasta tocar el alma. Me gustaría destacar la profesionalidad y el cariño de Marco y Yam durante esos siete días. Te animo a unirte con ellos en ese viaje en Ashiyana Goa, un entorno increíblemente bonito donde te sentirás como en casa.
    Lovely emotions in such a beautiful journey of seven days through the chakras with Marco and Yam. The yoga retreat was beautiful, emotional, intimate and very playful. Be ready to explore with nice yoga sequences, Qi Gong, chanting, games… you will play with your body, breath, voice and emotions, touching your soul. I would like to highlight the professionalism, care and love of Marco and Yam during these seven days. I highly recommend you join them in their chakra journey at Ashiyana Goa, an incredible paradise where you will feel at home.
    - Cristina – Spain – Soul Awakening Retreat, Goa
  • Anja – Sweden – Retreat Experience

    The way you structured the retreat days and all it’s individual sessions was very well done!
    It never felt as if it’s going to be too hard or scary before the practise but once in your safe guidance I achieved things I’d never allowed myself dreaming of achieving.
    As you said in the beginning of the week, some of the exercises were repeated every day, which gave a feeling of calm and safety, but every day you also gave us something new…something that challenges body, mind and soul. It was a wonderful mix of physical exercise, mental care and beautiful soul work.
    I think I never got that close to myself since being an adult at least!
    For that I’m deeply thankful and rest in a place of calm and peace!

    Lots of love to you both!

    - Anja – Sweden – Retreat Experience
  • Deborah Rossi – Switzerland

    I have known Yam as therapist and as yoga teacher since  7 years. She also taught in my TTC course so we spent lots of time together. She has a very clear way of teaching, an elegant and strong way of showing asanas and a deep way of practicing Bhakti. More than anything I appreciate the way she is always available and there for her students; during the TTC the students need a lot of support and she was there for all our insecurities. We also had a lot of fun time practicing AcroYoga! Yoga is not her work but her way of living and she lives with love!

    - Deborah Rossi – Switzerland
  • Joel Sullivan – USA
    Yamuna is simply one of the most amazing yoga teachers I have had in over 30 years of practicing yoga. When I started the YTT course with her last year, I had no aspirations of teaching but just wanted to learn more about yoga. I was an older student, and I had a list of reasons why I could never teach, including that I was too terrified to get up in front of a class full of people. But through Yam’s gentle, loving encouragement, I not only earned the teaching qualification but went on to teaching classes myself. She is a beautiful teacher, and you can feel the essence of yoga in her presence, her voice, and her eyes. I will always be grateful for her amazing instruction, both in and out of class. 
    - Joel Sullivan – USA
  • Karina Karlsen – Norway

    “Ever since meeting Yamuna in 2013 she continues to help me open up and discover new parts of myself, always guiding with love and compassion. Though her deep understanding of yoga she teaches with love and playfulness, embracing every student as they are. It is from this deep connection that tranformation occurs. I have been on a Teacher Training with her, and several retreats and workshops, and she never stops inspiring me, guiding by being herself.”



    - Karina Karlsen – Norway
  • Anna Maria – Iceland

    So Amazing 

    I decided that a yoga retreat would be the perfect gift to myself  after taking care of everyone but myself for number of years but I didn’t expect that I would come out of the retreat feeling as refreshed and positive as I did!  The yoga and other activities were perfect; a great balance of yoga, meditation, massage  and fun activities

    I was also  lucky with the people attending at the same time as me and made good friends. 

    Yamuna and Marco you two are the most amasing people I have ever met, you have so beautiful and warm  personality. I highly recomand that if you want your “my time”

    Yoga with Yamuna and Marco is the perfect thing to do 

    Thank you so much 

    I’m seriously considering making this an annual trip, well worth the money!

    - Anna Maria – Iceland
  • Rocio – Spain – Retreat experience

    Hola Marco y Yamuna,

    Daros las gracias por todos los ratos buenos que pase con vosotros en el retiro yoga Sicilia, en los que vuestro trato cercano y amistoso hacían q me sintiera cómoda en todo momento.

    Destacar vuestra forma tan amena y alternativa de impartir las clases haciéndonos experimentar ejercicios que nunca me hubiera planteado, por ejemplo acroyoga, todo de una forma fácil y divertida en los que no faltaban las risas.

    Las meditaciones en esas puestas de sol tan increíbles y en ese paisaje tan bonito complementaban el ejercicio, me encanta recordarlo.

    Gracias de nuevo por esos masajes maravillosos en los que entregais toda vuestra experiencia y nos llenan de energía y positividad, eso tampoco se me va a olvidar.

    Los momentos vividos con el grupo y vosotros han sido especiales y me hacen sentir mejor y más presente con mi persona.

    Ha sido una a experiencia muy positiva y espero poder volver a veros y repetir Un fuerte abrazo con mucho cariño.

    - Rocio – Spain – Retreat experience
  • Bryan – San Diego, USA
    Marco has been an instrumental part of my journey over the last year and a half. I initially sought treatment from Marco for low back pain through Thai Massage. While I had many traditional massage treatments in the past, this was my first experience with Thai Massage, and it was transformational! Marco does an amazing job of identifying the areas of the body that require focus and attention to alleviate pain and stiffness. He has in-depth knowledge of how the body work through the connective tissues. During the treatments, the assisted stretches bring relief to joints that add to my lower back issues. Above all, however, there is an amazing exchange of energy from Marco that both relaxes and energizes you.During the treatments, Marco discussed the benefits of yoga to complement the Thai massage treatments. Having never been to yoga, I opted to take a private yoga class from Marco. I found him to be a patient instructor who focuses on establishing proper alignment, effective breathing and being “present.” This gave me confidence to participate in his classes. Being fortunate to live in San Diego, Marco’s Sunset Yoga classes feed both the body and the soul. His passion for what yoga can bring to one’s life is contagious. I feel that the foundation in yoga that I received from Marco will transcend through my continuing journey in life. I highly recommend connecting with Marco in order to begin or continue your journey as well! Thank you, Marco!
    - Bryan – San Diego, USA
  • Désirée – San Diego, USA
    The location of the Villa Argento was a walking distance from a little village called Aspra and about 45 minutes east of Palermo, then main city in Sicily. Villa Argento had an exceptional view overlooking the ocean with mountains rising behind the Villa. The rooms were simple but clean and comfortable. The retreat as a whole encouraged a team atmosphere with the other participants as we had breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day and got to know each other well. The beautiful setting were we practiced yoga was very inspiring especially the roof top of the Villa Argento was an amazing sight at dawn and dusk. Every day you could admire a different sunset while practicing yoga. The food was prepared by a local, professional chef and was a delight to taste as it really reflected the local traditions in the area. The beaches and the salty Mediterranean ocean, took me back to memories from my childhood vacations in Spain.
    I had a great time during my retreat in Sicily. I really enjoyed the combination of different experiences such as yoga practice twice a day, meditation, Qi-gong, as well as receiving Thai Bodywork once a day. The Thai bodywork was especially relaxing and entrancing when I let myself go of all the tension in my body and both Aaron and Marco were very attentive, sensitive, gentle, firm and confident while giving the sessions. The yoga practice was challenging enough because I really felt it increased my strength and flexibility together with the Thai Bodywork. The yoga was taught by an experienced yoga teacher Aaron, who really helped me increase my self-awareness during my practice and make small adjustments along the way. There was also time for rest and relaxation, something that was very important to me as well.
    I also enjoyed the cultural aspect of the retreat with organized excursions to several locations in Sicily such as Palermo, San Vito lo Capo and Cefalu, We were also taken to participate in wine tasting of the well-known typical Marsala wines from Sicily, and we had a guided tour in Selinunte around the Greco-Roman temples, a spectacular sight for anyone who visits. Fun and inspiring Italian language lessons where given by a very knowledgeable guide, who speaks 4 languages, and who also guided us throughout the city of Palermo. I also enjoyed delicious Sicilian food that was served at several gourmet restaurants, as well as cooked by our own professional chef at the Villa as mentioned earlier
    Being in Sicily around September was perfect as it was not too hot and the temperatures were ideal even throughout the hottest hours of the day and the temperatures did not fall too low during the evening either. In addition the tourist season was coming to an end, and the popular sites were less crowed.
    I must say that I was really impressed with how the whole retreat was very well organized from start to finish and I felt really well taken care of, attended to in every way. I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone who would like to widen their perspective and get to know a new culture and language while practicing yoga, meditation and Qi-gong to increase health and personal well-being.
    Thank you Marco and Aaron for having me and letting me be part of this very special experience!
    - Désirée – San Diego, USA



Marco & Yam met in GOA, INDIA in 2015, where they began to unite their souls and started  traveling the world, to spread their loving beings and share their knowledge with their community. Yoga, Acro Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork builds the essence of  their teachings, connecting people to each other and to themselves, guiding them to their inner teacher.

Today Marco & Yam offer retreats & Yoga/Massage Trainings together, hoping to create soon a beautiful space they can call home & share what they both love which is Yoga & Healing modalities for the Soul.

They are deeply grateful for each others presence in their life’s and all they teach each other and share together.


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